On October 25, 2022, I underwent another PET/CT and Brain MRI. Based on the results from the PET/CT, it seems...based on my oncologist's medical observation...that the last two cancerous tumors' hypermetabolism rate has decreased a bit (left image is 10/25/2022 and right is 4/25/2022).

However, below are both scans in April and October, which revealed a conspicuous low-grade inflammatory mass in my left posterior chest wall. My oncologist ordered another PET/CT for me to take in three months. And for those who are wondering: the yellow circle indicates the chemo port.


While overall this is good news, I have even greater news!

My new educational non-profit has a new website! Check it out at Federal Career Connection, Inc.

Okay, here's photo of me creating another amazing memory with my wife, Teresa, and Travis and Laura Lamm. We went hiking a few weeks ago in the Shenandoah mountains.





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Susan Krause Byers

Hi, My name is Susan Krause Byers I grew up and raised my children in Vienna. My husband and I now live in Warrenton . I was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, it had set up camp in both my femur bones. My right leg had to have two metal plates and cement to fill the huge hole the tumor had eaten away. I had a really bad experience with a doctor out here . He told me I would only live a year. I told him I was going to prove him wrong and I found my way to INOVA Schar and Doctor Jang .I have been with him for almost two years. I'm currently being treated with Keytruda and have some inflammation that shows up on PET Scans. I'm a fighter like you, my son has cystic fibrosis, so spent years fighting for him. Now it's me, I have to fight. I do have a question for you. Do you have a book out I could read telling of your living with cancer ? I just happen to find your story under an article put out by INOVA.

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