When I established my blog in November 2013, A Life’s Walk with Cancer, I didn’t give much thought to the site’s name. In fact, the conception of the name came about easily; it just kind of emerged naturally as a suitable name for my blog. However, the name “A Life’s Walk with Cancer” serves as an apt similitude to my long-term fight against cancer.

In one aspect of this similarity, I’ve gotten used to the prolonged treatment infusions. In a bizarre kind of way, I look forward to my cancer treatments because they’re a chance to tie in social visits with friends and colleagues … almost like inviting a friend to a local pub to catch up on each other’s lives. And yes, there have been times that I have drifted off to sleep due to the immunotherapy drug. But my guests don’t mind.

Another parallel side between my blog’s name and life is that this fight has persisted for quite some time. Next month will mark the 6th year of my fight against cancer. Part of me is hopeful that this cancer will go back into remission (hopefully this year). The other part has embraced acceptance of the fact that this cancer could possibly metastasize to other parts of my body, and thus end my life. The former showing me how to live life with a chronic disease, while the latter giving me assurance that there is a paradise with Him following this tempestuous life.

In the semantic meaning of my blog’s name, A Life’s Walk with Cancer, not only does it truly describe the current state of my health, but the title also defines a new part of my existential experience as a man facing his own finite journey within this life’s human conditional state.

Intentional or not, “A Life’s Walk with Cancer” is a fitting name that indeed describes my life with cancer.



  • Clinical update: Three small masses have appeared recently within the frontal orbital area – one above the left eye and two over the right eye, near both lacrimal glands. I will be providing more information soon.

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Alex Harrington

Jeanene, I am sorry to hear about you and Jim's situation. My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you both.

Jeanene Drozdowicz

Your words are beautiful I believe you write them through Gid to perhaps help others. I love you and my husband and I are beginning our own battle with cancer. Jim had a ruptured appendix with an abscess. The appendix biopsy with cancer. Already struggling with chronic back pain and waiting approval for yet another surgery. His CT scan showed the cancer has not moved to the liver but is awaiting a colonoscopy to see the colon before starting chemotherapy treatment. This was the thing we ever expected so any beautiful words of comfort you may can help us (me) too. May God Bless you and your spirited words I love Alex and Thank you

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