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Sunday, February 25, 2018


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Brian Rush

Semper fidelis, Marine. I recognize the insurgency going on within your cells right now, and I'm thankful that our spiritual war is already a victory! Thank you for your courage and your Witness, and I recognize that God allows suffering only so far as to bring about a greater good. And you continue to live your life with an exclamation point.

John Albanese

Alex and Teresa, Suzann and I are standing with you in prayer. Your trust in our Lord is amazing and we know that He hears your prayers. We love you both. John & Suzann

Missy Rand

We walk this journey with you. I hear your prayer and join your voice in thanking God for His presence. I believe our voice is always important and that the Spirit intercedes for us with groans too deep for words. Missy

Jeanene Drozdowicz

Dear Alex your words are so moving and strong in your faith with God. I pray for you and Teresa that you will have your doing star with you always. I love you and my heart goes out to you for strength and encouragement. I wish I could do more. Take care
Love Always

Beth Leto

Alex and Teresa you both are definitely in our prayers. We are sending you both warm hugs. ❤️

Kathleen Ryan

Dearest Alex and Teresa

My heart and soul are with you two. I sit here trying to find words, but they cannot be found.

I love you both.

Dan Higgins

Thank you for sharing your life so openly and vulnerably. You are living out the Gospel as you allow others, through prayer and other means, to bear this burden with you.....and in doing so “fulfilling the law of Christ.”

May God’s peace and grace be with you today and every day. I will certainly continue to pray with and for you daily.

Peace friend,


Alex, Teresa, we share your confusion and disappointment. You are continually in the prayers of Stephanie, the children, and myself that God would give an outpouring of strength and healing to your family.

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