Actor/Comedian Kevin James

As I was driving my wife to work this morning, Teresa somberly said, “It’s kind of ironic”.

“What do you mean”, I responded curiously.

“We have reservations to see a comedy show tomorrow…on a Friday evening…right after you see the oncologist, after feeling a lump again”.

“Why is it so iron..?” then I remembered. We were scheduled to see Kevin James on a Friday night after my first visit to the oncologist after being diagnosed with cancer in 2013.


It is 2016.

Another lump.

Another scheduled comedy show.

It is somewhat ironic.

Now, I am sitting in the waiting area of Virginia Cancer Specialists, located at Virginia Hospital Center, waiting to see my oncologist this morning. Last night, while Teresa and I were watching a show on TV, I felt a grape-sized lump near the top of my left leg, just inside the quadriceps area. As a gold-star recovering cancer patient (a hint of sarcasm), the nurse immediately scheduled me an appointment with my oncologist for this morning.

As I wait to be called in … I’m trying not to think of the possibility that it might be cancerous … or think of another possible battle against this son-of-b!%@h. And I am trying not to think about the new position with GSA and what would happen if I was diagnosed with cancer again.

Right now I’m thinking, “It’s just a lump … it may not be anything … or maybe something”. But whatever it is, this ole ‘Marine’ in me is ready to take the fight against this son-of-b!%@h!

I’ve learned through my first two bouts – one a cake walk and the other a “Rocky Balboa” fight – that all I can do is face whatever it is with an attitude as a FIGHTER. No excuses. And definitely ‘No What Ifs’ or ‘Buts’. Just good old “bring it on” type of attitude.

So, after today it may be another round of cancer treatment or just a lump that came with age.

Teresa’s right. It is kind of ironic.

Just like in 2013...

It is 2016.

Another lump.

Another scheduled comedy show.

Maybe it’s time for me to stop going to comedy shows ;-)



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