LIFE AFTER CANCER: Becoming a Stephen Minister



Recently, I received the following e-mail from a dear family member of mine...

"I'm very proud of you because of the way you fought the cancer and went through all the agonizing and painful treatments without complaining. I can't imagine how sick they must have made you feel. But I'm sure they did!! The most impressive way you reacted was by not reacting. I sure most of the reason was to minimize Teresa's fears. My hero!!! I'm sure GOD had a hand in it also."

Their note not only blessed me, but it also served as an answered-prayer request to Jehovah.

That morning before I received their e-mail, I was heading out the door feeling frustrated and disenchanted from some hurtful words said to me at work the previous day. My wife, Teresa, asked me if I wanted to pray before heading out. I responded with a terse statement, "No! I don't want to talk to God at this time." 

As I was grabbing my gear to head out the door, I immediately felt convicted. Then, I put my gear down and gently took Teresa's hands and began to pray to God, asking Him to give me patience and wisdom to deal with difficult people. Then I ended my prayer with..."I really would love to hear from You today."

After the short prayer...I kissed Teresa good bye...and left to catch the bus.

Once I boarded the bus, I found an empty seat and took out my iPhone to check e-mails. When I opened the above e-mail, it brought tears to my eyes immediately after I read "I'm very proud of you...."

You see, the purpose of this journal is to reaffirm the fact that genuine supportive words (not platitudes) can truly uplift a person's spirit. But what's more important, this journal serves as a humble testament of God's grace and love to those He calls His children (Galatians 3:26). And by this truth in my heart, it serves as foundational strength that gives me the 'fighting spirit' against cancer.

It's amazing...it took a life-threatening disease to show me that He is my true strength and freedom.



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