After more than a year of cancer treatment, I received my last chemo injection Friday, January 2.

My wife and I celebrated by inviting friends and loved-ones to an Italian restaurant for a dual-celebration of Teresa's birthday and the end of my year-long chemotherapy treatment.

But now what? 

Life after cancer treatment is uncharted waters for me.

There are obvious undertakings that I must continue: meeting with my oncologist on a routine basis, undergoing regular follow-up tests and body scans to ensure that I am cancer-free, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, and of course, going back into the office. 

However, I'm not sure how to jump back into a normal life again (or if there is a normal life for me, again).

Delores, a cancer survivor wrote:

"Your last day of treatment is a day to celebrate! When treatment is over it can be difficult sometimes to get back to your normal pre-cancer life. The diagnosis of cancer dominates your life for so long, when treatment is over it takes a while to get back into your regular routine. I think I find my anniversary of being diagnosed a time of mixed emotions. You are thrilled to have made it another year of being cancer-free, yet you are also reminded of the anguish you went through."

Returning to everyday life

This site was very therapeutic for me in a way that it allowed me to feel connected. But I happily admit that I'm looking forward to getting back to everyday life. I realize the process can be challenging. However, I plan to engage in the following activities to help me move forward:

  • First and foremost, return back to the office and focus on a couple of key projects.
  • Second, resume my monthly job search workshops at Career Network Ministry.
  • Last, but not least, work on being a good husband.

There you have initial activities to return back to everyday life. 

And of course, at times it be may be challenging, but life is supposed to be a challenge.



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