I went into work yesterday to get some "face time" with some colleagues. Half surprised, I kept on hearing, "Alex, you're looking good!"

Hopefully, I will never succumb to an infamous narcissistic bent; however, it felt pretty good hearing those words "you are looking good." Now, it's not because of vanity's sake, but on account of those very words reassuring me that I am, in fact, beating cancer.

However, this morning it took my oncologist a few seconds to bring me back to reality of what type of fight I must continue to face.

His comments still ring clear in my mind: "Melanoma cancer [Stage III] is a son-of-bitch and we have to be aggressive with you." Following his 'not-so-beating-around-the-bush' statement, my oncologist ordered another brain MRI and PET scan for this week. To save you from any laborious reading of details, I have been experiencing some issues. So, my oncologist wants to determine if there are any signs of further cancer spreading - mostly as a precautionary measure. The tests are scheduled this Friday (9/19). And we should get the results early next week.

I would be lying if I said, "I am worries on my end." But, I'm anxious about the unknown. This has been a long, tiring fight for me (almost a year!)

So, I ask each of you to pray for me. As always, my prayer request is:

"Almighty, everlasting God, the eternal Salvation of [my] our friend and loved one, Alex, who believes in You, hear [my] our prayers in behalf of your child who is very sick, for whom we implore the aid of Your Mercy. Graciously heal his body from cancer and refresh his soul with Your comfort, that, being restored to health, he may give thanks to You in Your Church; continue his service to the community; and perform his duty as a civil servant, through Jesus Christ, Your Son, and Lord. Amen."

Thank you for your anticipated and welcomed prayers.

With warmest regards,



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