I wonder what people think when they've learned that I have cancer? Do they see the disease or do they see my responsive strength and character?

If it’s the disease they see, it can only be for two likely reasons: First, it is an individual’s natural tendency to focus on human tragedy, a curious bent that we succumb to when we come across a victim’s affliction. Or, I am purposefully or subconsciously attempting to use my sickly state to gain sympathetic responses and temporary attention from my family, friends and colleagues.

And as to the second query, if they perceive my responsive strength and character and not the disease, it can only be attributed to God’s grace and love that gives me the grit and will to face my infirmity; moreover, to know that cancer does not define who I am.

Despite what people see – the disease or responsive character – my only hope and desire is to yield to God’s discipline, and to allow Him to reshape me into a valuable, useful vessel, that retains its imperfections, defects and passing sufferings so to reach and touch others’ hearts.



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