Since my diagnosis with cancer, I have been amazingly blessed with so much support, prayers and love from my family and friends. I have received countless e-mails, cards, phone calls and visits from so many people. I cannot find adequate words so that I can express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who have joined me in this fight against cancer. I would, however, like to give public recognition to the following individuals:

A devoted partner

  • My wife, helpmate and best friend has shown me how blessed I am as a husband. Through her tireless efforts and dedication, Teresa has stood by my side and taken care of me since being diagnosed with cancer.


  • My mother and sisters, including Teresa‚Äôs sister, traveled to the DC Metro area to be with us during my surgery, and helped with cooking and other tasks.

Surgery and post-op visit

  • Charles Albrecht
  • Elizabeth Lucas
  • Kim Haes
  • Randy Chambers

Home visit

  • Benjamin Webb
  • Elizabeth Lucas
  • Jason & Rebecca Kurth
  • Jon & Megan
  • Kim Haes
  • Lou & Beth Leto
  • Nickie & Michael Yi
  • Ralph Hardy
  • Renee Mowery
  • Tony & Yvette Eiland
  • Travis & Laura Lamm


  • Bob & Dandy Korzeniewski (Cooking Dish)
  • Patricia Downs (Book: "You Are Healed")
  • Rick Norris (Book: "Rough Cut Men)
  • Sonya George (Prayer Shawl)

Home Meals & Food

  • Bob & Dandy Korzeniewski (Chicken Pot Pie & Salad)
  • Elizabeth Lucas (Chicken kabob and rice)
  • Fay & Dave Cooper (Pumpkin muffins)
  • Jason & Rebecca Kurth (Chinese delivery)
  • Jeal (Vegetable soup)
  • Jon Keller (Chicken soup, bread and cookies)
  • Lou & Beth Leto (Fruit basket)
  • Michael & Nickie Yi (Pasta & salad)
  • Patsy Feinberg (Cranberry dessert)
  • Renee Mowery (Thanksgiving meal)
  • Tony & Yvette Eiland (Turkey soup & beverages)
  • Travis & Laura Lamm (Pizza)


  • Alexis Paul
  • Amy Butler
  • Betty Bell
  • Bill & Rita White
  • CBP Office of Policy and Planning staff
  • Denise & Jim Scott
  • Dr. Rebecca Dedmond
  • Elizabeth Lucas
  • Faye White
  • Harriet Scripps
  • Jack Gray
  • Jane Riddle & Family
  • LaTonya Miller
  • Louann Harris
  • Margaret Horan
  • Maureen & Rich Carnevale
  • Patricia Downs
  • Paul Cuddihy
  • Terri Hansen
  • Terri Rathbun


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