I never thought there would be mini-blessings immediately following my cancer diagnosis. In the midst of the worst news that a person can receive, I've experienced so many mini-blessings in the first week since the diagnosis.

  • First, I've truly felt God's peace and His presence during the first week of being diagnosed with cancer. My faith has never been stronger. Even though my "flesh and my heart may fail", I know without a doubt that He will strengthen my heart and be with me forever (Psalm 73:23-26).
  • Second, I realize how much my love is for my wife, and especially how beautiful my Venus truly is. Since the diagnosis, her beauty and virtues have seized my heart like never before. I am enraptured by how the strands of her golden hair caresses her beautiful face when she tilts her head down. I stand in awe by the way she has taken her stand to fight against this cancer alongside me. Our hugs have increased dramatically. My eyes gaze at her looks unceasingly. I yearn for a long life with my Venus; to grow old with her. Yes, I realize how much I love my wife!
  • Lastly, I've developed an urgency to do those things that I've been putting off for way too long. No more waiting. No longer will I say,"I am too busy right now to do this" or "I'll do it next week after I finish my work" or "I am just not sure if I'm good enough." Being diagnosed with cancer has made me realize that I'm but a mere mortal; earthly, perishable; a slave to limited, precious time. No more excuses...No more doubts...No more hesitations.

Cancer is certainly a paradoxical fellow. Despite its sole purpose to take my life, it has energized and stirred a fire within me to live life to its fullest.

One, like me, would have never thought that cancer would keep company with so many mini-blessings. I could list many more mini-blessings. But for now, the aforementioned gifts are the top three that I will hold throughout my fight against cancer.



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